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An impact documentary project

One film

This powerful film odyssey across MidWest explores the mentality change in the Texas justice system from tough-on-crime solutions to the latest smart-on-crime programs that offer second chance to the criminals.

Prison, violence, denial are no longer required to deal with modern-day Bonnie and Clyde. Back in the 1930s, the famous outlaws had no chance to meet with such a justice system. On the contrary, Clyde Barrow who started as a petty thief, suffered from harassment and rape within the Texas justice system, before he hurt or killed anyone.

No wonder these methods did not help him to get a second chance and find a fresh start in the society of the 30s hit by the Great Depression.

Chasing Bonnie & Clyde’s majestic cinematography and unexpected discoveries follow former and current criminals on their personal journey to get a second chance and give unprecedented promises to developed countries which are facing overcrowded prisons, high rates of recidivism, rising juvenile delinquency and a new era of Great Depression…

For if it can be done in Texas given the history it can be done anywhere else…

One interactive concept

Chasing Bonnie & Clyde aims at opening a debate about rehabilitation for criminals by starting a public discussion about what kind of social justice do we want for our countries.

Modern countries face intricate issues with their justice system: overcrowded prisons, high rates of recidivism, a rising juvenile delinquency and a global fear of criminals.

Governments, non-for-profit organizations, individuals are looking for solutions. Texas new smart-on-crime policies give an interesting example in this momentum.

A great opportunity with this interactive component is to provide a cyberspace that does not exist yet although it is needed: a collaborative map where all the initiatives about prevention / rehabilitation / reentry can be gathered together.

Through this map, any people and/or organizations can pin an initiative, a program, a NGO that works in the field of «second chance» ; encourage synergies between initiatives and empower people.

To develop this project, we partnered with the Open project that developed thanks to a gang of social business activists from all around the world to help social entrepreneurs solve their challenges.

"What if Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were alive nowadays?"



  • Olivier LAMBERT, writer, director, producer
  • Lumento, 47 rue de la villette, 75019 Paris, FRANCE
  • +33 670 328 415