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Chasing Bonnie and Clyde

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A transmedia documentary project

80 years after their death on a dirt road in Louisiana, Bonnie and Clyde might have known another ending.

Texas, their home state, is now an unknown leader of smart-on-crime programs for offenders.

Clyde Barrow who turned into a hardcore criminal after being harassed and sexually assaulted within the Texan Justice System, would have a second chance nowadays and possibly a fresh start.

Facing overcrowded prisons, high rates of recidivism, rising juvenile delinquency and a new era of Great Depression like many places all over the world (the US, France, Canada, the UK, Italy…), the Lone Star State decided to work on prevention, rehabilitation and reentry policies since 2007.

Smart-on-crime programs are cheaper than the prison system and they turn out to be what is a payday loan more efficient.

Taking the story of Bonnie and Clyde as a starting point, Chasing Bonnie & Clyde follows the lives of current and ex young criminals to unveil these unexpected measures of social justice in the most instant cash caricatured state of the US and open a debate about what kind of justice we want.

80 years after the Great payday 2 masks Depression, their home state of Texas is now at the forefront of smart-on-crime policies. Following the lives of former young criminals, this project unveils the unknown rehabilitation programs in the Lone Star State.

One film
  • A plunge into the lives of ex young offenders who were offered a second chance through the Texan juvenile justice system
  • A 90 minutes cinematic experience told and sung by the leader of the folk band Herman Dune, Black Yaya who wrote 10 original songs
  • A road-movie on Bonnie and Clyde’s tracks through the places they drove by and meetings with their relatives who tell what’s left from them
  • Interviews with smart-on-crime advocates from various backgrounds
One interactive concept
  • A choice of 3 audio narratives to preserve the storytelling (4 to 60 minutes) ; including an imagined story of modern rehabilitated Bonnie and Cyde told by the singer Black Yaya


  • Series of road sequences (5 to 30 seconds) to discover the Midwest and be immersed in a 220° view that allows the user to look around and be active
  • A built-in app to share the favourite moments of the journey and have a social impact with the hashtag #secondchance shared on social networks
  • Interactive hotspots to stop and discover about second chance and the life of Bonnie and Clyde (interviews with inmates, descendants of Bonnie and Clyde, social justice advocates)
  • An interactive collaborative map to collect the initiatives about second chance in the world ; with the support of social change makers and organizations working within the prison system
Interactive app 1
Interactive app 2

"What if Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were alive nowadays ?"



  • Olivier LAMBERT, writer, director, producer
  • Lumento, 47 rue de la villette, 75019 Paris, FRANCE
  • +33 670 328 415